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You Think The Iranian Police Are Uncivilized; Here's A Most Gruesome Tale About A Palestinian Family

And here's the headline on a Jerusalem Post story by Khaled Abu Toameh: "Relatives of boy slain as 'collaborator' seek death penalty for family members who killed him."

First, they tortured him to death. And then they strung him up in the family warehouse where his father had left him as some sort of "discipline." The father says he did not expect his own brother--the 15 year-old's uncle---to murder him. The uncle says that he had lost his temper.

So what was Raed Sawalha's crime? He waved at an Israeli Border Police soldier driving by. Some say Raed was actually chatting with the soldier.

Yes, we all want a Palestinian state. Me, too. For one, the world's obsession with Israel may get a respite. But if (and when) it comes to pass many will regret it, and it won't really be the Israelis.