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Ingratitude, Thy Name Is Fineman!

I'm not quite sure what you'd call the opposite of logrolling, but whatever it is, Howard Fineman does it:

What Newt brings now is what he's always brought: a savagely acute sense of how to attack The Powers That Be (as long as they are Democrats); a history professor's sweeping feel for societal trends; and a grifter's gift for claiming expertise about certain things he doesn't really know at all. (That would probably include my book, which he was kind enough to blurb; I admit to a sneaking suspicion that he never read a word of it.)


P.S. For what it's worth, Newt's actual blurb

“In an impressively thought-provoking original approach, Fineman revisits the great defining arguments that will deepen your understanding of America.”

does seem like the sort of thing you'd come up wtih if you never actually got around to reading a book titled The Thirteen American Arguments: Debates That Define and Inspire Our Country.

--Jason Zengerle