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How Low Can They Go, Ctd.

What I find most hilarious about the Andy McCarthy post Jason linked to is that, rather than try to situate Obama somewhere on the spectrum between fanatical ideologue and bloodless pragmatist, McCarthy simply asserts that the president resides at one extreme--except when he resides at the other. Though nonsensical, this description is, in its clumsy way, unfalsifiable: Any data point that conflicts with Obama's presumed "hard leftism" is evidence of his craven pragmatism, and vice versa.

I just wish that, as long as McCarthy was offering such a pointless analysis, he'd been a little more creative with his opposing categories. Something on the order of, "The key to understanding Obama is that he is a hybrid of delicate, magic unicorn and ravenous zombie. He will frolic in the woodlands, spreading pixie dust and joy, until his hunger for human brains begins to rise..."

--Christopher Orr