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Conor Friedersdorf Listens To Mark Levin

... so that you don't have to.

I've briefly tuned in to Levin's show a couple of times myself, but have never managed to wait out the encomia to Ronald Reagan and denunciations of liberal perfidy long enough to get to an exchange such as this one:

CALLER: Hi Mark. I was listening to some of the shows over the weekend and I saw one of the pollsters on and he was predicting that Democrats are liable to pick up 10 more seats in 2010. I don't know how you guys expect to have a conservative resurgence if you can't get anyone elected.

MR. LEVIN: What's it like hating your children? What's it like hating your children, bankrupting, stealing from them, ensuring that they'll have sub-quality health care, the kind that you enjoy at your ripe old age? What's it like punishing your children? What did they ever do to you Steve?

CALLER: You know it's funny, Mark--

MR. LEVIN: Get off the phone you big dope. Where was I before I was rudely interrupted by Steve from the so-called state of Vermont?

It's not quite up to the time Levin told a female caller that her husband ought to "put a gun to his temple," but it still conveys his particular brand of politico-personal derangement, which Friedersdorf examines at greater length here and here.

--Christopher Orr