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As Presidential Vices Go...

I know it's an irresistible game to try and catch the POTUS sneaking a cigarette, but I so wish the media would find another way to amuse itself.

Does it really matter if Obama now and again falls off the wagon? If anything, the bigger problem would be if some photographer snapped a pic of a smoke break that somehow led the nation's Obama-idolizing youth to believe it's cool to smoke. (Not that many people ever manage to look cool taking a drag, but you never know with this guy.)

In the wake of the tobacco bill signing, I'm sure the media's hypocrisy obsession comes into play. But who better knows the insidious allure of smoking than a struggling addict? As things stand, the storyline that the leader of the free world stupidly got himself hooked on nicotine as a kid and, despite having tried on numerous occasions to kick the habit, still can't totally shake that monkey kind of works as a cautionary tale. (Hey, it's how I spin my own father's habit to my children.)

I vote for leaving the man in peace. He's got enough irritations without having reporters sniffing at his clothes all the time.

Besides, it's not like he's getting away with anything: You can bet the First Lady has an unforgiving nose and is keeping track of every time he slips. 

--Michelle Cottle