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Reminding Everybody What This Debate Is About

Apologies, again, for the light posting today: I'm on yet another print deadline. But I'll be watching the President's town hall tonight and may write something about it, either here or--if I'm still pressed for time--on my twitter feed (@jcohntnr).

It's an important event, by the way. Until now, Obama has played mostly an inside game on health care, working with interest groups and pushing the process along through his staff. Now he's stepping out in front of the issue, in a very public way, and tonight he'll do so not by addressing reporters or dignataries but rather average Americans.

At a time when the story of reform is increasingly about the messy process of writing legislation, tonight gives Obama a much-needed chance to refocus the debate back on the fundamentals--specifically, how insecure coverage and rising costs imperil everyday Americans.   

--Jonathan Cohn