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Condi Rice, Team Player

What's Condoleeza Rice's life like now that she's left government and is back at Stanford? Leave it to Sports Illustrated's Kevin Armstrong to provide a glimpse:

Late one morning a few weeks ago, Stanford coach Johnny Dawkins was showing Harrison Barnes, the nation's top basketball prospect, around campus when he looked at his watch. It was 11:15. Their next meeting was at 11:30 with "Professor Rice." Punctuality, Dawkins stressed, was important to the faculty.

Barnes's mother, Shirley, who works as a secretary in the department of music at Iowa State University, asked which subject the teacher studied. Dawkins smiled. "Oh, it's Condoleezza Rice," he said. "You probably saw her in our brochure."

I'm not really sure how Carolina's going to top that when Barnes visits Chapel Hill. Something tells me John Edwards isn't going to be much help in the recruiting department.

--Jason Zengerle