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The Rockets' Red Glare

For the upcoming Independence Day weekend, Sarah Palin's PAC offers one of the more peculiar politico-cultural artifacts I've seen since the campaign:


It's hard to know what to make of this except that 

a) If you're going to make a case for Palin's foreign-policy expertise, you're best off using only impressionistic images rather than words, or facts;

b) the video presumes that viewers followed the Air Force One flyover controversy closely and believe it to be a scathing indictment of the Obama presidency;

c) it further presumes that viewers will respond with fury and/or disgust to otherwise unobjectionable photos of a smiling President Obama;

d) Sarah Palin wants you to know that hers is bigger than yours; and

e) someone believes the flight suit, "big time," and "I can see Russia from my house"* goofs haven't yet caused the GOP enough embarrassment.

(via Andrew Sullivan)

*Yes, I know those were Tina Fey's words, not Palin's, but that's the way it will be remembered regardless, in an Al Gore "inventing" the Internet kind of way.

--Christopher Orr