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Fourth Of July Reinstated, In Abbreviated Form

The Sarah Palin Independence Day video I cited earlier was evidently not authorized by SarahPAC, but posted by a fan of the governor, LauraVW, who used the SarahPAC logo without authorization. So this is one political misstep that shouldn't be laid at their doorstep.

The original video is still gone, but LauraVW has since posted a shorter, less entertaining substitute, lacking the Logginsesque soundtrack, the phallic missile parade, the look-at-how-close-Alaska-is-to-Russia map, the Air Force One Flyover photos (though there is still a brief reference), King Kong, and "Big Time." Most of the martial photos of Palin herself have been replaced by softer pictures with soldiers and kids as well. As a limited consolation, we are still treated to a flight jacket shot.

 --Christopher Orr