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Dillinger Puts On A Show

With the new John Dillinger biopic out, we decided to pull up a TNR article from 1934 about the legendary bank robber:

Two of the bandits on the outside were gentlemen; one was a tough. He didn't smile at the audience. He scowled. He pushed the people aside with the point of his gun. He ordered cars away from the parking place in front of the bank. He knew a lot of words that went with swearing.

The other two smiled politely as they officiated. The tear gas finally drove the bandits out. They had taken only $52,000 when they might have got $200,000. When they got into their cars they forced customers and others to stand on the running board or hang on the back over the extra tire. They politely told their hostages what they were to do. The hostages knew what would happen if they didn't. But the bank robbers were polite.

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