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Where Does Palin Go?

Here's an interesting guessing game: Assuming Palin does have future political ambitions (or, at the very least, wants to become a Coulter-like media star), where in the Lower 48 will she make her home away from Wasilla?

NYC and LA, the two obvious media centers, are too, uh, coastal elite for her tastes (not to mention her imaging requirements). And, as far as the political center of DC, even the GOPtopia of McLean seems a bit too politics as usual.

Idaho, where she was born and later spent some time during her collegiate peregrinations, would seem to be sufficiently red, rugged, and off-the-grid, but that's just the problem, it's too off the grid. She could pick a nice conservative Sun Belt city, but Houston and Dallas seem too closely associated with Bush, and Phoenix too much so with McCain.

For what it's worth, I'm betting she sets up shop in Palm Beach. What with Coulter and Limbaugh already living there, it has some conservative street cred. Plus, she won't need a tanning bed.

--Jason Zengerle