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Vassily Aksyonov, R.i.p.

The former Soviet dissident and novelist Vasssily Aksyonov died this past Monday at the age of 76. Perhaps best known for his book Generations of Winter, Aksyonov was censored by Soviet authorities before having his citizenship revoked in 1980. He then left for Washington, DC, holding a professorship at George Mason University.

Aksyonov contributed three articles to TNR over the course of his life:

"Beatniks and Bolsheviks," November 30, 1987, about the perception of American beatniks in the Soviet Union.

"Not Quite a Sentimental Journey,"  April 16, 1990, detailing his return to the Soviet Union after ten years in exile.

"Live Souls," September 16, 1991, on the unsuccessful Communist hardliners' coup against Mikhail Gorbachev.