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Barney Doesn't Only Talk Finance

Most days, Barney Frank can be found talking about the economy, the bailout, and the like. The constant focus on finance can make you forget that Frank has other pet issues as well--one being the legalization of marijuana. In this interview with Esquire's John H. Richardson, Frank takes time to make sure responsible adults can get their weed fix without getting charged up to $1,000 for a single joint.

Via Wonkette, the most entertaining passage:

ESQ: That's my second question. There's already been a lot of change in the country. Thirteen states have decriminalized pot. What's holding up Congress?

BF: This is a case where there's cultural lag on the part of my colleagues. If you ask them privately, they don't think it's a terrible thing. But they're afraid of being portrayed as soft on drugs. And by the way, the argument is, nobody ever gets arrested for it. But we have this outrageous case in New York where a cop jammed a baton up a guy's ass when he caught him smoking marijuana.

ESQ: You're kidding.

BF: Actually, I've just been corrected by my partner - it was a radio he jammed up the guy's ass, not his baton.

ESQ: Small radio, I hope.