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The (delayed) Movie Review: '(500) Days Of Summer'

I've been out of the country all week, so I'm afraid my review of the winning, winsome (500) Days of Summer will have to wait until (hopefully early) next week. Though not without its flaws, the film is sharp and witty, and captures with striking immediacy the simultaneous elation and terror of new, untested love. Though I'm still too jetlagged to make large pronouncements with any confidence, it may be the most enjoyable film of the summer since Up.

In any case, more next week. For those who can't wait, I recommend the characteristically excellent reviews by A.O. Scott and David Edelstein, though I think I liked the film a touch more than either of them. You can also find trailers for the film, which neatly capture its appealing vibe, here and here.

--Christopher Orr