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Cleric To Uk: Peace Through Amputation

I'm not holding my breath:

Islamic punishments, such as the amputation of limbs, will make Britain a safer place, the founder of the country’s oldest sharia court told The Times. Sheikh Suhaib Hasan, secretary of the Islamic Sharia Council, said the enforcement of such laws was “something to bring you more peace and security”. Hasan, who presides over a sharia court in East London that rules on civil matters such as divorce, emphasised that he neither sought nor expected the implementation of Islamic criminal laws in Britain because it was not a Muslim country. However, he said problems such as ‘knife crimes’ would be better resolved if harsher punishments were meted out because they worked as a deterrent. Acknowledging the controversy surrounding any notion of support for hardline Islamic law in Britain, he said he was merely expressing his point of view as a devout Muslim.

--Michael Crowley