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Conde Nast, Re-thunk

Jeffrey Goldberg has gotten his hands on the secret memo from McKinsey and Co. to Conde Nast CEO Chuck Townsend. A few excerpts:

1. The role of writers in the magazine production process seems worthy of examination. What do they do? Why are there so many?

2. Some of the writers -- we're thinking Jon Lee Anderson, George Packer, William Lagewishe Langeswishce Langewiesche -- spend a lot of money traveling to foreign countries such as Afghanistan and Baghdad. The Week covers these countries at a fraction of your cost. Could The Week be a model for your news coverage? ...

7. Is "A. Leibovitz" the accounting code for a corporate jet?...

11. We think Graydon Carter was mocking us in our first meeting. Not sure. Could you check?

--Christopher Orr