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Hillary: "i Am The Chief Advisor On Foreign Policy"

So the Secretary of State she tells David Gregory on "Meet the Press." While I believe that talk of an Obama-Hillary rift has been overstated, I'm not sure that's quite right. The person with that title probably resides at the national security council.

She also said this about the larger question of internecine relations within the administration:

And one thing I would add is, you know, I've read a lot of diplomatic history, and I know that very often there become sort of warring camps, you know.  It's the Defense Department vs.  the State Department, or the National Security Council vs. the State Department.  And in fact, we've had administrations where there was just open warfare... You don't see any of that in this administration.  And in fact, I've had some of my predecessors say with, you know, some amount of surprise, this administration has no light between it.

That, to, might be a slight exaggeration. But it's much truer than a lot of people would have predicted about six months ago. And how that has happened is, in large part, the subject of my latest TNR print story, which we'll be featuring on the home page in the next day or so, so please stay tuned.

--Michael Crowley