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Is Twitter The New Williamsburg?

I really liked this NYT op-ed by Bill Wasik about how the Internet is the new New York City for certain aspirants to the creative class. As someone who moved to NYC after college and then left three months later--I realized I liked visiting NYC, not living in it--I wonder if my general reluctance to embrace the Internet as a writing medium isn't in some way related. There's a great line in the Freakwater song "My Old Drunk Friend" that goes: "I should have moved to New York City, but I never was that cool / I just languished in the Midwest like some old romantic fool." The song is from the mid-90s. If Freakwater was singing it today, would the lyrics be: "I should have started up a Twitter account, but I never was that cool / I just languished in print like some old romantic fool"?

--Jason Zengerle