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Breaking: Sounds Like Waxman Closed The Deal

Via Politico:

Liberal and conservative Demorats on the House Energy and Commerce panel struck a late-night deal Friday that will allow the to move a sweeping health care bill out of the committee...

The Blue Dog Democrats, the linchpin in the House health care debate, have agreed to find billions in additional cuts that will allow their liberal colleagues to restore $50 billion to $65 billion in subsidies set aside to help middle-income families purchase health care. ...

Moderates and liberals on the committee will offer a package during committee consideration that will make changes the Blue Dogs secured in a deal with Waxman earlier this week. The amendment will also include a liberal priority: reducing the premiums on households making between $77,000 to $88,000 to pay for required insurance coverage. Waxman did not give details about the additional cuts. ...

The Blue Dogs preserved one of their main objectives: de-coupling the so-called public plans from Medicare, giving health care providers the right to negotiate payments with the government.

Jonathan Cohn