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Love Hurts

Aware of my intolerant and vengeful nature, a colleague forwarded me this article about a Wisconsin woman who, upon discovering that her husband was cheating on her with as many as five women, arranged to have three of the mistresses lure the guy to a hotel room, tie him to a bed, then superglue his penis to his stomach.

The three women who carried out the ambush have been charged with false imprisonment, and the gal who did the actual adhering faces charges of sexual assault and battery. An arrest warrant has been issued for the wife, who remains at large. 

Avoiding any and all analysis of the crime itself, here's what I want to know: How juicy will jury selection in these trials be as prosecutors labor to weed out any woman who has ever been cheated on or has had a friend who was cheated on or has at one time been the other woman or has simply seen so many news reports about Mark Sanford and John Ensign that she assumes all men are faithless dogs? 

Whatever the outcome, this case has Fox reality show written all over it. Maybe John Wayne Bobbitt can do a cameo, or at least offer his injured brother some career advice.

--Michelle Cottle