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The News From Pyongyang

Yes, Bill Clinton's visit is the big story in the North Korean media, but the state-sponsored Korean Central News Agency is making sure other important news gets reported, such as this story:

Pyongyang, August 4 (KCNA) -- On an autumn day of Juche 68 (1979) General Secretary Kim Jong Il dropped in at a railway station for a while on his way to the east coastal area.

He was saluted by officials there. It was unexpected that he raised an issue related to the harvesting of cabbages for the winter kimchi.

He stressed that coming here, he saw cabbages in fields in some cities and counties and they should reap the remaining ones as soon as possible.

In those days the cabbage harvest was raised as an urgent problem as the temperature suddenly fell down in the overall parts of the country.

The officials were deeply touched by the meticulous care shown by him for the dietary life of the people on his journey of pressing field guidance.

His affection for the people was not confined to it.

A few days later he again detrained at a station on his way of coming back from the field guidance to acquaint himself with the cabbage harvest.

The meticulous care shown by the leader for winter kimchi is still conveyed as an epic of great love.

--Jason Zengerle