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India, A Truly Civilized Country ... And An Ally Besides

India has its problems. And one of them is that it has 1.2 billion people. A second is that it adjoins China, Pakistan and a few other, much smaller countries that are--how shall we say it?--not at all stable.

But it is a democracy, and pretty close to being a real democracy. With a free press, an independent judiciary and electoral habits that reflect a true majority.

It is also a responsible member of what we stupidly insist on calling the international community.

There is no international community. But if there were more Indias we'd be on our way.

A New York Times article by Lydia Polgreen of a few moments ago reports that "India Searches N. Korean Ship for Nuclear Materials." The Security Council sanctioned such activity in the presence of suspicious cargo and suspicious maritime routing. No country has as yet challenged North Korea and, for that matter, Iran either.

But now India has taken the step, partly because the cargo ship M V San anchored in the Bay of Bengal, off two islands, without asking for or getting authorization.

Let India be an example.