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Showing Restraint In Iraq?

Alhtough the recent spate of bombings in Iraq seem designed to whip up sectarianism, the positive spin is that, so far, we haven't seen major retaliation. WSJ:

After Monday's attacks, Iraqi and U.S. officials reiterated praise for Iraq's Shiites, who have shown restraint in the face of the attacks -- unlike in earlier stages of the war, when sectarian attacks by Sunni insurgents triggered widespread, violent reprisals by Shiite militias and plunged the country into near-civil war for two years.

"These attacks have failed to move the Iraqi people to ethno-sectarian violence," a spokesman for the U.S. military in Baghdad said. "Instead, the Iraqi people have been galvanized against violence. They remember the dark days of 2006-2007 and refuse to be taken back to that time."

Here's hoping.

--Michael Crowley