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Maybe They Meant They Read About Rolling Stone

OK. This gave me the giggles.

Late this morning, a communique from the RNC landed in my inbox with the excited, all-caps subject line: "DEAR MICHAEL MOORE, WE READ ROLLING STONE."

I opened it up to find:

Michael Moore In Current Issue Of Rolling Stone: "If a true public option is enacted -- and Obama knows this -- it will eventually bring about a single payer system, because the profit-making in surance companies won't be able to compete with a government run plan and make the profits they want to make ... I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I'm counting on the fact that Republicans won't be reading this Rolling Stone." (Taegan Goddard, "Michael Moore On The Public Option," CQ Politics' "Political Wire" Blog, 8/11/09)

Now, of course Moore wasn't actually trying to be secretive with his remarks. But please notice the attribution line inserted in tiny type after the quote. Turns out, no one at the RNC found this quote because they read Rolling Stone. They ran across it because CQ's "Political Wire" blogger reads Rolling Stone.

Classic. Even when they're trying to be smartasses about health care reform, the RNC winds up looking like dishonest clowns. 

--Michelle Cottle