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Flying Frog Of The Day

It's come to my attention that we've been falling down on the job of providing weird animal pics. So here, via the National Wildlife Foundation, is our frog of the day:

The red-footed tree frog, sometimes dubbed the "flying frog," was discovered in the Indian state of Assam in 2007. Since 1998, a stunning 353 new species have been found in the region—and we're not just talking tiny bugs, but monkeys, 100-million-year-old geckos, and even something called a "miniature muntjac deer," which looks pretty much like what the name suggests. That's all quite exciting. Less exciting is the fact that habitats in the Eastern Himalayan area have withered to just one-quarter of their original size, due to that winning combination of logging, grazing, poaching and—increasingly—climate change (primarily floods caused by the collapse of glacial lakes).

As for the frog, supposedly its webbed feet help it glide through the air, but I say Youtube or it didn't happen.