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Help The Palestinians: Boycott Israel

There's been an Arab boycott of Israel for more than sixty years. And, as you can tell, it has been very effective.

"Progressive" academics, especially in Great Britain and Canada, have also launched boycotts of Israeli scholars, universities and other scholarly institutions. Of course, these campaigns at ostracism have been an utter flop.

Now Oxfam has put Kristin Davis--she of "Sex and the City"--on its shit list because she did some beauty advertisements for Ahava, an Israeli cosmetics product company that manufactures some of its products in the West Bank. And what does being on the anti-hunger organization's shit list mean? She can no longer be one of its roving emissaries. Well, if Oxfam has banished Davis' goodwill, it also has banished mine. This campaign against Davis began with Code Pink, a female nut case organization centered in southern California--Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica--plus San Francisco and New York. Marines are war criminals, Afghanistan is no women's cause, Gaza ... well, you fill in the dots. I have a friend (former friend, actually) who supports Code Pink financially. I won't say anything more.

But the Arab boycott of Israel is a universal boycott. It extends to tennis players, soccer teams and swimmers. Sometimes it doesn't. The Arab world is really out-of-this world. See this to learn just how out-of-this-world.