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No Muslims Here

For years, the Soviet Union and its successor, the Russian Federation, were active handmaidens to Arab and Muslim terrorism. Of course, the targets had to be Israel and Israelis or Jews, Westerners, capitalists and other people vulgarly associated with the United States.

Terrorism now strikes everywhere. Russia is a target of some ideologically intoxicated band virtually every day. China is now also a more or less regular target. And Thailand, the Philippines, India and so on, wherever there are enough Muslims to have political ambitions for even an Islamic mini-state. Living under Koranic law, you see, is not only a civil liberty; it is mandatory for the faithful. This is why the Archbishop of Canterbury wants Shari'a somehow incorporated into British law. Would the beating of wives (and how many wives, by the way?) by Muslim husbands be a protected religious activity like the wearing of burkhas?

The Russians and the Chinese--having been allies of terrorists for decades--have learned a thing or two about dealing with terrorists. (These ways would actually mortify the Israelis.) But both Moscow and Beijing have exempted Iran from their anti-terrorist tactics. In fact, they are Tehran's one protection against serious sanctions in the Security Council.  If Dr. A'jad's regime ultimately plays nuclear terrorism, it will be Russia and China that are responsible.

Of course, there is also the United States. But that's a more than slightly different question.

One reason Moscow is not afraid of Tehran is that the Russians fear Sunni terror, not Shi'a terror. The Persians have as much disdain for the Chechens as do the Russians. After all, they are Sunnis. As are the Ingushetians.

Ingushetia is one of the satrap republics in the Russian Federation. This morning, a nationalist terrorist blew himself up and took no fewer than 20 lives (of policemen) and maimed and wounded at least 60 more. You can read the first report in the New York Times, which also tells us that similar incidents occurred just days ago in Chechnya and Dagestan, two other statelets in the federation, almost all Muslim.

But you wouldn't have had the slightest indication that this crime, like the others, was committed by Muslim terrorists.