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Central Asia And Jihad

I know that the liberal "realists" believe that there is no Islamic jihad coursing the world. Or, at least, that if we do not mention the words, the grim reality of them will vanish.

Yesterday, I made the point about the New York Times and another Muslim bombing in Russia, this time in Ingushetia, except that the newspaper didn't identify the bombing as Muslim terror in origin.

Today, there's a correction of sorts in the Times. Dateline: Kosh- Korgon, Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is not in Russia, but it is a nation of sorts in Central Asia, as is Uzbekistan. Headline: "Central Asian Nations Sound Alarm Over Seeping Islamic Radicalism." That's the story by Clifford J. Levy.

A sub-head also reads: "Russia is also watching for signs of extremism." Is it, now?