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The Revolution Is Buffering

While Iran's protest movement has been closely associated with blogs and Twitter feeds, it's the images of violence and resistance stored on sites like YouTube that have--perhaps--proved most haunting and indelible.

Click through this TNR video slideshow for a selection of the most powerful videos coming out of Iran.

Shiraz, June 20:

Tehran, June 20: A protest march is stopped in its tracks when Iranian police open fire, killing one of the marchers. Warning: graphic imagery.

Tehran, June 20: This now-infamous video depicts the June 20 shooting death of Neda, a young protester. Warning: graphic imagery.

Tehran, June 20: The Basij headquarters burns after protesters set the building's natural gas line on fire, causing it to explode and kill at least 5 Basij members.

Tehran, June 14: A bus burns two days after the election.

Tehran, June 21: Protesters assault and burn a police car.

Tehran, June 13: Mousavi supporters flood the streets in protest on the day following the elections.

Tehran, June 21: Protesters respond to police gunshots by building barricades.

Tehran, June 14: An opposition camera man is beaten to death by riot police. Warning: graphic imagery.

By Dylan Matthews