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Book Pitch

"In his testimony, Mr. Gonzales cited a faulty memory at least 50 times in responding to questions about the [U.S. attorney] dismissals."--The New York Times, April 23

April 20, 2007

Suzanne Strachey-Jones
Book Brothers, Group %amp% Co.

Sent via fax

Dear Sue:

"It is my understanding that I was born in San Antonio, Texas ... ."

So begins Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales's riveting and revelatory memoir, I DON'T RECALL.

Readers of this book will learn what it is like to come from an imperfectly recollected background to reach the highest levels of power in this most powerful of nations. The documents seem to indicate a childhood spent in Humble, Texas, commendable service in the Air Force, accomplishments in college and at Harvard Law School, and, eventually, helping to guard the nation's security and otherwise serve "at the pleasure of the president" as chief law-enforcement officer of the land.

Readers of I DON'T RECALL will be right at Attorney General Gonzales's side, occasionally observing but not participating in crucial events; they will be regularly informed after decisions are made, as controversial but necessary and commendable activities of many sorts are undertaken. Of most interest and importance, General Gonzales intends to inform readers to the best of his ability of what he does not remember, and--if that may be determined--when he did not remember it.

The attorney general is also eager to tell the parts of these stories that he is able to reconstruct with some degree of confidence, and to clarify parts on which he could have been clearer or was misunderstood or misinterpreted earlier. I hope you are just as eager to publish.

We invite you to visit us on a date soon--to be set by us--to discuss further this blockbuster book, although we do ask that you not take any notes or photographs during such a meeting.

The attorney general can deliver a complete manuscript in time to publish before the 2008 election, perhaps earlier if some space opens up in his schedule.

I expect to hear from you as soon as possible.

With highest regards,

Robert Smythe
The Bigwig Agency

By David Patterson