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Films Worth Seeing

Golda’s Balcony. In this one-actor film, Valerie Harper is so full, and varied, and affecting as Golda Meir that its quasi-expressionist mode, and the perhaps too open-armed appeal of its theme, are fully subsumed in a vivid and moving experience. (11/5/07)

Lust, Caution. Ang Lee’s latest film takes its time in moving to its drama and its shaking climax, but it is wonderfully worth our patience. Set in a China occupied by Japan in 1941-2, it deals with a young woman plotting against a Chinese tyrannical traitor, and the deep surprise that follows. (10/22/07)

Michael Clayton. George Clooney plays a smart, fast New York lawyer who fixes troubles for his huge firm and finds troubles of his own that he struggles to fix. Persuasively acted by Clooney, intelligently written and directed by Tony Gilroy. Memorable. (11/5/07)

Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037. If one doubted that an account of the manufacture of a concert grand piano could be engrossing, this documentary will sweep away those doubts. The process is fascinating, the artisans are engaging, and the result is inevitably overwhelming. (From the upcoming 11/19/07 issue.)


Stanley Kauffmann is The New Republic's film critic.

By Stanley Kauffmann