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Films Worth Seeing

Chris and Don. An exceptionally moving documentary about Christopher Isherwood and his much younger artist-lover Don Bachardy who survives him, who lives still in their California house -- still with him, figuratively. The film is pleasantly highlighted with old footage of the pair and of their famous visitors. (7/9/08)

The Last Mistress. The French director Catherine Breillat confirms her reputation for sexual content but provides much more in this 1835 tale of a young Paris aristo who marries for love and money but can’t fight free of his Spanish mistress’s appeal. Vivid acting and period fullness complete the film. (7/30/08)

My Winnipeg. Guy Maddin, who ought to be better known than he is, makes a unique flowing collage out of memories and history of his native city. Far from a stodgy photo album, Maddin’s film is a kaleidoscopic series that, under the dazzle, has some deep feeling. (7/9/08)

Trumbo. Dalton Trumbo was a Hollywood writer who wrote a prize-winning novel, won an Academy award for a screenplay, was a member of the blacklisted Hollywood Ten in the 1940s, and served a prison term for contempt of Congress. This excellent documentary portrays all the fascinating colors of an ingenious and elegant man. (7/30/08)


By Stanley Kauffmann