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The TNR Primary: Part Ten

I'm very strongly in favor of Obama, mostly because he's the first presidential candidate in longer than I can remember who clearly thinks when he's asked a question, who analyzes and synthesizes rather than traipsing through a mental file of prepared, poll-tested answers. His policies are evolving--for me, a sign of strength, not of weakness--and he seems like a thoroughly decent person. In truth, though, I'd be pretty satisfied with any of the Democratic candidates. On the other hand, I have to say that, as a spectator, I'm much more fascinated by the Republicans. Watching those shifty, devious, unscrupulous creatures clawing at each other in spasms of demagoguery and pander is like beholding the whole vile, fear-driven history of humanity.

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C.K. Williams is a poet.

By C.K. Williams