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A Note About The Redesign

Hello, and welcome to the new iteration of Thanks so much for dropping by.  Hopefully, you’ll find the new place faster and easier to navigate. We like it, since it helps us better trumpet all the pieces and posts that we publish. The biggest change that you'll see is on our homepage. We're using more photography and illustrations at the top of the page and featuring the latest posts from our roster of blogs on the top right. Below that is a feed of two of our blogs: The Plank and the newest addition to our stable, Michael Crowley and Noam Scheiber's campaign blog, The Stump, which began last week. The launch of The Stump was just the first of the new features you'll see on the site: Look for more multimedia content, even more new blogs, and new columnists.

And, yes, the relaunched website is a work in progress. (Some of our old archives, for instance, including old comments, are in transit from the old site. Damn movers!) To our beloved commenters: The creepy, shadowed avatars are in the process of being “suppressed,” but you will find lots of new ways to get to know your fellow TNR subscribers, including profiles, private e-mailing, and a search function for users’ past posts. Otherwise the talk-backing on blogs and articles should be very much the same as always. However, you can look forward to still more increased and better functionality in the coming months. And fear not: The board will be no more moderated than it used to be. You can sing our praises or (more likely) condemn our shortcomings as loudly as ever. For those seeking to join the club, becoming a commenter is easy: Just click here to get a print or digital subscription. Print subscribers automatically get full digital access as well; if you're one, click here to register for access to

Of course, we want to know how the site is treating you. Please let us know in the comments below, or via e-mail. We’re paying close attention to your feedback and have a team of techies spraying virtual cans of Raid on the many bugs that now populate the site.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking the tour.
The Editors

By The Editors