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The TNR Primary: Part Six

Our distinguished panel of eggheads and eminences announces its votes.

Not a Bush. Not a Clinton. Not a governor. Not a religious zealot. Not an actor. And certainly not a former mayor. In fact, most of the people I would vote for, save one, aren't even on the ballot.

Part one: Randall Kennedy

Part two: Judith Shulevitz

Part three: Erica Jong

Part four: John McWhorter

Part five: Paul Berman

Part six: Graydon Carter

Part seven: Allison Silverman

Part eight: Alan Wolfe

Part nine: John Anderson

Part ten: C.K. Williams

Part eleven: Todd Gitlin

Part twelve: Daniel Alarcón

Part thirteen: Larry Kramer

Part fourteen: Alan Dershowitz

Graydon Carter is the editor of Vanity Fair.

By Graydon Carter