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Films Worth Seeing

This week's movie picks from TNR's film critic

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Cobra Verde. The last picture that Werner Herzog made with Klaus Kinski, just lately released. Kinski plays a Brazilian outlaw sent by his government to Africa to buy slaves. The film is not strictly rational, but the film-making--Herzog's directing and editing, Kinski's acting--are eye-popping. (Reviewed 04.23.07)

The Hoax. The true story of Clifford Irving who bamboozled a major publisher and a major magazine into believing he had an inside track to write a Howard Hughes biography. The film doesn't make the most of the ethical issues involved, still, it's an amusing story of big-shot vulnerability. (05.07.07)

Paris, je t'aime. Eighteen separate episodes, each made by different people, French and otherwise. Set in eighteen places in Paris. Some of them are sharp, some tristful, a few of them actually funny, and all of them are set in that unique city. (05.07.07)

Poison Friends. Three Parisian university students, bright and voluble, two of whom are dominated intellectually and, in some degree, philosophically by the third who is something of a nihilist. Girls are involved, too, of course, but the chief interest is the atmosphere and the fate of the dominator. (04.23.07)


By Stanley Kauffmann