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Your TV keeps telling you about the killers in their caves, so writedown cave;

hold yourself away from yourself and live here only in this word youcall cave.

Find first a hollow place or perhaps only a hollowness, guarded

and listening: what can you hear in this shell, in this cavum?

Empty yet for rigor's sake, allow the word to bloom:

She lifted the cave of her face and told him the truth.

You keep hearing about their caves, so assemble their caves,

where inside they turn their bodies away, shielding their faces.

You want them for nothing; you want them for meat hanging cold in acave--

though then you would not watch; you would guard your soft face.

So what now can you offer from your room that must remain here acave?

Her words fell around him like stones, but he gathered up theircaved

faces and pierced the words with wire. And when her neck-hollow

bloomed with his coil of stones, a cave above them opened

and spilled out a rain of dark faces: Make us hold open

our mouths; make us live for one moment unguarded, un-hollowed.

By Jeff Hoffman