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Six Posthumous Fragments

I do not know if what you were

looking for

in the world or in me

with your big eyes

all the short days of your life

you will now find. But I can

promise you

that this search will go on and on

unlike the search for survivors

of a disaster

in the air or at sea

which after a few days or weeks is canceled.

? ? ?

And what about God?

There are no miracles.

He wasted all the miracles in the Bible.

? ? ?

Coming and Going

My soul is my mother

my body is my father

or the reverse.

It changes.

One of my children can

fall asleep only in strong light

the other only in darkness.

I am the son of chance and destiny now the orphan of both.

? ? ?

Lonely Man

Even his wars

he fights with himself.

? ? ?

Better the mark of Cain than the mark of Abel.

? ? ?

The House of Lovers

A house full of lights is hidden in the great darkness in

the garden. If we are lucky the house will collapse and the light

will be set free for the whole world.

Translated from the Hebrew

by Leon Wieseltier

By by Yehuda Amichai