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Disputations: "Change To Lose"

Change to Win's endorsement of Obama is not an abandonment of principles, says the organization's executive director.

Alyssa Rosenberg’s article “Change to Lose” is imbalanced and inaccurate in its account of the Change to Win alliance. The seven unions of Change to Win joined together two years ago to challenge the labor movement to develop a new organizing model that empowers workers to rebuild bargaining power and restore the American Dream for working families. Seventy-five percent of Change to Win’s budget is dedicated to the Strategic Organizing Center to organize workers on an industry-wide basis in the key sectors of the new American economy.

Our endorsement of Barack Obama is not an abandonment of principles. It’s recognition of the need to invest our resources into changing the politics of the past by forging new solutions that will transform the jobs of the 21st century economy into the good jobs of the future. This year presents us with the unique opportunity to change the status quo and put the interests of working Americans before those of corporations and wealthy CEOs. Change to Win is committed to helping elect pro-worker candidates and hold them accountable to strengthen our labor laws and protect workers rights by passing the Employee Free Choice Act.

Greg Tarpinian
Executive Director
Change to Win

By Greg Tarpinian