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The Lives of Detainees

TNR Audio: Alex Gibney's scary new documentary on detainees

Eliza Griswold, who published the first-ever photos from inside the Bagram Airbase detention facility in Afghanistan, interviews Alex Gibney about his new film, Taxi to the Dark Side, which details the brutal torture and death of an innocent Afghani detainee known only as Dilawar. A documentary director and producer, Gibney--who whose 2005 film Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room was widely praised--first read about this incident a New York Timesarticle by Tim Golden, and he traveled to Afghanistan to film Dilawar's story. Here, he chats with Griswold about what inspired him to make the film, what it was like to work in Afghanistan, and what he wants Americans to take away from his latest work.

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By Eliza Griswold