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Films Worth Seeing

This week's movie picks from TNR's film critic

(Click on film's title to read SK's original review.)

Away from Her. Excellent. Sarah Polley, a proven acting talent, here adapts an Alice Munro story and directs it with empathy. A middle-aged Canadian couple go through affecting episodes as Alzheimer's descends on the wife. Not gruesome but melancholy. Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent shine. (Reviewed 05.21.07)

Fracture. An agreeable thriller about the conflict between a murderer who thinks he can get away with it and a persistent assistant D.A. The plot conflict is no more interesting than that between the acting styles of Anthony Hopkins, the criminal, and the casual vernacular style of the D.A., Ryan Gosling. (05.21.07)

The Hoax. Clifford Irving's notorious scam bout a fake Howard Hughes biography is here converted into a fast-paced picture that tells the story without much ethical complexity. Richard Gere creates a vigorous Irving. (05.07.07)

Paris, je t'aime. Eighteen places in Paris are the settings for eighteen brief sketches, each done by different directors, most of whom are not French. Some of the pieces are sharp, others merely moody, and a few just wispy. But it's Paris. (05.07.07)


By Stanley Kauffmann