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The McCain Archives

A walk through TNR’s coverage of John McCain.

Now that it appears almost certain that the general election match-up is set, we’ve combed the TNR archives to find all the pieces that we’ve run on John McCain over the years. From Michael Lewis’s admiring piece on the Senator to David Grann's definitive 1999 profile ("In the wake of Bill Clinton's misconduct, McCain has become a reflection of our times, the focus of our desperate search for 'character' in a president to the exclusion of almost everything else--even actual political beliefs") to Jason Zengerle's inside look at the warring camps within McCainland, these stories examine the appeal, the heresies, the policy preferences, grudges, and ideological hairpin turns that have made John McCain such a multifarious creature. (Click here for a similar list of articles on his probable opponent, Barack Obama.)


The Hero Myth
Swoon Song

This Man Is Not A Republican
Open Season
Favorite Son?

John McCain

Race Against Himself

Arguing the GOP

Stay And Fight
What's in a Name?

Opportunism Knocks

Fortunate Son


When Right Is Wrong
Death Star

Nam Disclosure

Back On The Bus

Baby on Board

It's the Economy, Stupid

Charlie's Horse

Maverick vs. Iceman

The Long Run-Up

House of Cards

Mack The Quack

Grand Canyon

McCain's Free Ride

Mutual Contempt

Papa John

The Folly of McCain-Care

Meet John 'Dubya' McCain


Multilateral Like Bush

By TNR Staff