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The Purposes of Circuses

I used to know a guy, at least I wish I did

Who could stand on one finger for a minute flat.

I never said he could dance at the same time.

Did I? I never said I really knew him.

But I saw him once at the Greatest Show

Well... at that time... on Earth. Saw him true

With these very eyes. We even got to counting down

Or counting up depending on your numbers system

Fifty one, fifty two, like that. And by the end,

We were all cheering like raspberries were in season.

I tried it once myself when I was in the Navy

And full of beans. Had a swabbie pal hold my legs

Up toward the stars and said now watch this watch

And broke my middle finger then my nose flat out.

One thing they never teach you about circus tricks:

Actually, a couple things... but then you grow up

And you either know or you don't you were meant

To marry the girl on the flying trapeze or you weren't

And that kids should do tricks when they can,

And when they get older, they shouldn't.

By Martin Galvin