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Negligent Worldicide

The bear climbed over the mountain,

and what do you think he saw?

History raging and ravaging, carving up

the one and only body of the earth,

the new century already broken into,

ransacked, roads unsafe,

war playing in the background,

infants crawling on the landfill.

The earth was heaven once, and now it's hell.

Since it's already begun to embalm itself,

let's assume that that these are close to

our last words. That's what I meant by urgent.

Oh fuck, I'm going to have to take it

in my arms again. I'm going to have to

love it again, dear corpse of earth,

dear tough-muscled body of the river,

still ignorant of putrefaction,

or the slow downstream parade

of dead beings. I say goodbye

to petals every day. Lilac, wild rose,

poppy disintegrating, one moment

a flower and the next no flower.

By Chase Twitchell