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Mahmoud Abbas Visits His Comrade, Omar al-Bashir

The administration has not yet commented--and probably won't comment--on the news that the president of the Palestinian Authority, partner of the U.S. and Israel in peace processing, is today on a visit to Khartoum for talks with the president of Sudan. Omar al-Bashir has a warrant out for his head on charges of genocide. This indictment by the International Criminal Court has never bothered any other leaders of the Arab world. So why should it perturb Abbas? (But I want to be fair. South Africa has warned the Sudanese chief executive that, if he ever sets foot in the Republic, he will be arrested on the spot. There are race reasons for this difference in attitude, and God bless the race reasons.)

The story about Abbas as tourist was in an article by Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post. Al-Bashir is actually a big player in the Arab world, mostly in the role Sudan has taken on in the transfer of weapons from Iran and Syria to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Eritrea. Remember that Israel bombed a desert convoy in Sudan a few months ago: at the request of the United States.

In any case, the purpose of the Abbas/al-Bashir reunion was to get the latter to arrange for Hamas to let up on Fatah. This is one of those miracles that will not happen. And it's another reason why there will not be a Palestinian state in the foreseeable future.