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Lies, and the Lying Liars, etc.

Michael Goldfarb is admirably upfront about the rank dishonesty of his own party, even if he is rooting for more of it:

Liberals seem to be under the impression that health care reform will be like a new entititlement, and that Republicans will run against it at their own peril -- as was the case with Social Security reform in 2005. And they may be right, but not until this monstrous bill actually goes into effect some time in 2013. Which means that for the next four years, Republicans will be able to say whatever they want about the health care reforms that were passed but won't come into effect for years. Republicans will be able to come up with another "death panel" every week.

The bottom line is that people don't understand Obamacare because it's really complicated.... That confusion has helped Republicans over the past few months as they fight to kill the bill, but if Democrats do pass something, people will still be confused. It would be political malpractice if Republicans didn't exploit that confusion and use it to find their way out of the wilderness.

No word on ethical malpractice, but then that hasn't been a GOP concern for some time now.

(via Patrick Appel)

--Christopher Orr