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The Art of Reinvention

Ever wonder what happened to NYT plagiarist/fabulist Jayson Blair? Turns out he moved back home to the Northern Virginia suburbs where he now works as a life coach.

At first this seemed an oddly ironic choice for a guy who so thoroughly screwed up his own life. (You know, like Brownie becoming a disaster preparedness consultant.) But, upon further reflection, it makes perfect sense. Blair had to confront all his demons and get his life back on track starting from a hole much deeper than most people ever face. If he can start over, why can't you?

Blair also wins bonus points for picking a career that acknowledges and even makes productive use of his troubled past, but doesn't sink to the level of trying to wring further fame out of his scandal with some high-profile project glamorizing his pathologies--like a movie or a cable chat show or Stephen Glass's creepy little novel

Another fun tidbit from the WaPo piece: Linda Tripp now runs a Christmas-themed gift store in Middleburg.