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Pat Buchanan's Revisionist Tendencies

Pat Buchanan's most recent column has landed him in a whole mess of trouble. In it, he argues that not enough blame has been put on the Poles and the British for starting World War II, and that Hitler's intentions were largely benign. Of course, this isn't exactly surprising; Buchanan has a long, sordid history of misremembering the war. TNR has been following this for years, and below you'll find some of our most damning reporting on the man.

All in the Family (10/02/00). Michelle Cottle describes the coalition that Buchanan was able to assemble for his political campaign; she termed it “Big-Tent Bigotry.”

Unhostile Takeover (06/26/00). John B. Judis laments how Pat Buchanan misused the Reform Party to espouse his own controversial views.

Absolving Adolf (10/18/99). Jacob Heilburn traces the roots of Buchanan’s revisionism and how his books advocate it.

Ex Cathedra (04/06/92). Paul Elie contrasts Buchanan’s views with the official position of the Catholic Church that he claims to follow.

The Heresies of Pat Buchanan (10/22/90). Jacob Weisberg focuses on Buchanan’s anti-Semitism and how he defends it.