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What Is Andy Card Thinking?

I'm baffled by Andy Card's stated desire to run for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. The chances of a Republican winning that race are slim; the chances of a Republican who's been a denizen of D.C. for two decades and who's presumably best known to Massachusetts voters as George W. Bush's chief of staff winning that race are none.

But via Universal Hub, here are two theories that attempt to make sense of Card's move: Dan Kennedy says it's the prelude to a 2010 gubernatorial run by Card, a race a Republican--even a Bush-tarred Republican like Card--could conceivably win; the blogger at, meanwhile, posits that Card would run in order to test out themes other GOP Congressional candidates could use in the 2010 mid-terms. Dan Kennedy's seems the more plausible theory of the two to me. But I'm still pretty baffled.