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The Banality of Goldberg

Lest you think the 9/12 marchers were a bunch of crazies (as the photographic evidence certainly seems to suggest), Jonah Goldberg has this rebuttal:

I've spent a chunk of time on planes over the last day and a half. I flew up to New York and back yesterday. I just got off a plane from DC to Seattle (I get on the Anchorage-bound flight in about an hour). Anyway, not surprisingly, I've been surrounded by folks who attended the rally on Saturday. (I was there, on the edge of it on Saturday as well). It's interesting to listen in on the conversations (I know, shame on me). These people all seemed to a have a great time. I keep hearing people say the same thing. "What a nice bunch of people," "so glad I did that," etc. It's mostly small talk, but it certainly doesn't sound like they spent the weekend attending the world's largest Klan bake. And they certainly don't seem amused by the suggestions that they were for villainous reasons. [Emphasis added.]

Well, I guess that settles it.